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To give you the feeling of comfort, complete honesty, and expression of yourself in the best way in front of the camera, we combine our ability to guide along with our knowledge and experience in portrait and lifestyle photography to empower you to be yourself

Whether you are an aspiring model or a world-renowned idol; our goal is to create visual, impactful photographs that have the power of boosting your self-confidence; as well as your knowledge, and overall experience in the modeling industry. In the end, our reward is to create photographs that make you feel good about yourself.

Tanielle - Outdoor Sunset Photoshoot
Do you sometimes get the feeling that you are not photogenic?

Are you afraid of having your photograph taken?

YOU CAN TAKE OUR WORD: It isn’t impossible to break down those barriers of self-doubt that are suffocating you every day. You SHOULD feel like the Strong and Confident person you are, and most importantly – You should be able to fully express yourself, because you are beautiful and incredible in a unique way – we all are.

By finding all the right angles, poses, and lighting to accentuate your highlights, strengths, and personality; we make it possible for you to be confident and see yourself in a different light.

Model Photography Reveals YOU to Yourself

We call it a Fun, Harmless, Natural Confidence Booster
Group Model Photoshoot

Showcase Your Personality

To understand which techniques, lighting, and styles work best for you as a unique individual, we must observe each angle of your personality.

Personal & Business Skills

The modeling industry advances you in your career and equips you with new skills that differ from any other industry and can be advantageous in several fields.

Gain Exposure & Publicity

Some of the benefits that come with being a professional photography model include gaining exposure, publicity, and developing your acceptance, recognition, and popularity in the industry.

Our TOP Priority is

Your Happiness & Comfort

We understand that getting nervous before and during shoots is normal, and we know that just like everyone else, you also have hopes, dreams, fears, and anxieties – therefore we treat you that way. Your comfort is our top priority, and we respect you. 

Fassidi - Outdoor Fitness Photoshoot
Skye - Model Photoshoot
Take Advantage of our Skills

Add killer images to your Modeling Portfolio

Our job is to ensure you get great portraits and full-body shots so that you have a chance of making an exceptional impression on agencies and clients. Would you like to know exactly what is included in your package? Such as the amount of photos you will get, hourly prices, travel fee, the number of prints, and digital images you receive…

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Amazing feedback we've received from clients:

Such a talented duo and simply amazing to work with. They are kind, caring, passionate, creative and their work speaks for itself. Just beautiful! I would highly recommend SN Photography to everyone and I personally cannot wait to work with them again <3 10 stars! I feel honored to have worked with you guys.
Kayla van RensburgMelkbosstrand, Western Cape
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